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Recognized Standard of Professionalism

Dipper is a trusted and recognized brand serving Alberta's storage, handling and transport procedures needs for oil, filters and plastics since 1988. Our certifications include:

  • National Oil Recyclers Association
    National Oil Recyclers Association (NORA)

    Since 1985, the National Oil Recyclers Association's primary mission has been fighting the hazardous waste designation of used oil and aiding the development of the EPA's used oil management standards.

  • Alberta Used Oil Management Association
    The Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA)

    Alberta Used Oil Management Association is the not-for-profit Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO) charged with managing programs to sustain and facilitate the responsible collection and recycling of used oil materials in Alberta.

  • British Columbia Used Oil Management Association
    British Columbia Used Oil Manufacturing Association (BCUOMA)

    Headquartered in Chilliwack, BCUOMA aims to facilitate and increase the collection, management and recycling of used oil and used antifreeze materials in British Columbia via an environmentally friendly and cost-effective disposal program.

  • Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp.
    Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (SARRC)

    Since 1996, the Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. model acts to develop, implement and maintain Saskatchewan's Used Oil Materials Recycling Program to produce environmental, economical and socio-economical advantages.

Our Service Area

Proudly Albertan, we work where we live and base our facilities in areas that make servicing our valued clients both quick and convenient.

Service Map
Service Map

The Dipper Advantage

Not all oil product recyclers are created equally - it takes the right fit to ensure your service provider is focused on what matters most to you!



We are focused on finding ways to tailor our services to fit your business. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we have the authority to adjust how we do things as needed, without all the bureaucratic delays.



Our small-town roots still drive our unmatched attention to relationship. Just because we've grown, doesn't mean we've changed what made us successful; an undying commitment to making sure we are never too busy to ensure your satisfaction.



Our dedication to providing agile and attentive service is nothing if not backed by the most state-of-the-art equipment. This allows us to ensure we are always offering impressive, innovative solutions to our client's evolving needs.